Say hi to Adele! She is the co-founder of Dronfield Music Tuition and you’ll see her face from time-to-time in-between her day jobs. She also does the company finance and marketing.

She has helped Joe develop the music school through the years and has a background in design, marketing and social media. Adele and Joe have a beautiful son together and enjoy countryside living.

A little bit more about Adele:

  • Favourite songs: ”Oh tricky question, well I have two main ones, ‘Everlong’ by The Foo Fighters & ‘Slideaway’ by Oasis”
  • Can’t live without: “Easy, our son, our cats, my houseplants and making macrame, check out my side project: Delcrame”
  • Break-time snack: “Has to be a strong tea and a bag of Malteasers!”
  • Fun fact about Adele: “I was the first person to own a Furby in Sheffield after winning a competition in The Star and once I had a peck on the cheek from both SteveO & Steve Coogan!”

Adele Hadfield
Co-founder, Finance & Marketing

Contact us via email to discuss Music Lessons:

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